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Thursday, October 22, 2015

DIY Large Harvest Sign Board

I love to upcycle and repurpose and I love fall decor! Earlier this week, I had another post where I got to upcycle some things I had around the house, AND I have one more for you today too! BUT this time it's bright orange and out on my front porch with my fall porch decor. AND I am lovin it! Hee hee

I wanted a larger sign to put outside with my autumn porch decor and was looking around as to what might work and I spotted this board from a dresser drawer my husband took apart. One side had the groove where the drawer slid in, but the other side was Perfect! No need to buy anything!

So easy to make this sign. Whether you print out letters and decoupage them on, or print them out and trace them and then paint even...Freehand paint them, buy a stencil and paint them or cut out vinyl letters like I did. It's really quite simple. All you need is a board, a little paint, and a few ABC's. haha

 There's not even much to tell you to do as far as a tutorial, bc it's so simple!

DIY Large Harvest Sign Board

1. Take your board and sand it down smooth. You don't need it super smooth if you are painting, but for the vinyl to stick, you will want it a bit smoother.

2. Paint it.

3. (Optional) Sand the edges or brown them up a bit to distress it somewhat.

4. Add your lettering.

That's it!

Then place it where you want with a few pumpkins or bales of to the fireplace, out on the porch. Wherever you put it, it looks great!


Nancy Phillips said...

Love the sign and love the wreath! Seeing your creations inspires me.
Thanks so much!

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