Using your Silhouette to create DIY Vinyl Nail Art ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Using your Silhouette to create DIY Vinyl Nail Art

First off, let me preface this post with...these are not my best ever pics. Trying to take pictures of your own hands, by yourself, is not the easiest. haha

Have you ever tried some of the nail art decals out there? I have and some seem to not stay on very long at all and others that cost more do. They're all fun though! Some of them are actually made from vinyl that you heat up before applying. I started thinking about this, and thought why not try and make my own?!

So, here is my first attempt at DIY Nail Art Decals.

haha I think they came out super fun!

DIY Vinyl Nail Art Using your Silhouette Machine

First I started by creating my own designs in my Silhouette Designer Studio program on my computer. I stuck to some pretty simple designs:

I wanted some Jack-o-Lanterns and a Frankenstein head...

And then I thought I would throw in a mummy and a ghost.
The mummy design was the easiest, because all you really need is some skinny white strips and some eyes.

I painted my nails orange and green on the one hand. The green is going to be Frankenstein's head.
 (I thought it looked like a pumpkin patch this way. haha)

And on the other hand, I pained them orange and black, black being the accent nail that would become the mummy.

I let them dry overnight, washed them with soap and water, and then took my pumpkin face and applied it onto my nail.

Next I added Frankensteins hair, scar and eyes to complete my accent nail on my left hand.

I think it turned out super cute!

Last thing I did was to take some clear nail polish and apply a top coat over it all. In fact, I did two clean top coats to help the vinyl to not peel, and I used a Gel like polish to try and help it stay longer as well.

Now, for the right hand. Same steps, but this time, I did the mummy for the accent nail. I have to say I think that he is my favorite! haha 

They turned out super fun and my girls started lining up for me to do their nails too! Ha! I'm afraid I just started something. ;) Can't wait to try some more!