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Monday, November 23, 2015

Boy Scout's DIY Paracord Neckerchief Slide

I've shared a few posts in the past where I have shared some fun cub scout projects I have made, but today I want to show you a super easy BOY scout project. My boys are getting older, and don't want the cutesy stuff, but this one they like! 

My boys seem to ALWAYS be losing their slides...whether they take them off at home and misplace them, or at a scouting activity or overnight campout. And the ones at the scout store add up fast!

Well, this is perfect for you to make a few or even as troop and very little cost!

They're so simple too! 

A couple years ago I share this post where we made these fun little Sub Scout car slides here.

Well this time, you start out with the same item, a cut PVC pipe, but it is sooooo much easier and simpler!

All you need this time is a PVC pipe cut to about an inch and a half long, a glue gun, and some paracord.

I started out by fusing the end of the paracord, just so it wouldn't fray. After that you're ready to go!

You just put a drop of hot glue to get started...

And then randomly keep adding hot glue here and there as you spiral the paracord around the PVC pipe. Make sure not to leave any gaps and to keep the paracord next to the last one you wound. 

When you come to the end, go ahead and fuse the end again and hot glue the end in place. 

That's it! So fast and easy! And it looks great!

And if I were you, I'd make a few extra for when they lose this one too! haha! 


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