Turkey Treats Recipe ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Treats Recipe

I've got a quick little post for you real quick before Thanksgiving. If you're looking for a fun little treat for the kids to make as they are waiting for dinner, OR if you want a cute little something to set beside each place setting at the table, I've got you covered today!

All you need is:

A Reeses Cup
A chocolate covered cherry
Candy corn
String licorice
Frosting (for your edible adhesive)

To get started take your frosting and put some on the bottom of the chocolate covered cherry and then adhere it to the peanut butter cup as shown below:

Add your candy corn the same way.

Then take your frosting again and add some to the top of the chocolate covered cherry to adhere your turkey's face with:

Cut a triangle out of one of the candy corn for the beak and grab your red shoestring licorice.

That's all there is to it! The kids love them and they are so festive!

Some of my girls couldn't even wait to start eating their little turkeys before I could grab the camera! Better make some more! haha

Happy Thanksgiving!