100th Day of School; Dress up like you are a 100 years old day ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

100th Day of School; Dress up like you are a 100 years old day

This week my daughter's class celebrated the 100th day of school. They were all told that they could dress up the way they think they will look when they are 100 years. I gotta say...I had a ton of fun with this and can't stop cracking up at all of my daughter's facial expressions in these pics! haha My younger daughter said, "I didn't know it was Old Lady's Day!" Bwahaha!

We decided to look together to see how we could easily make her look 100 without going out and buying much. This is what we came up with and we loved it!

We picked out a loose fitting dress and sweater for her to wear.

Then we added a little lace shawl. To make the shawl, we just grabbed some scrap fabric I had and cut it into a triangle and tied it around her shoulders. Then we added a pin at the tie.

I took an eyebrow pencil to draw the wrinkles on her face. 

And of course, glasses on a ribbon or on beads is perfect. These were an old set of frames without the lenses that I had from years back. Beads/necklaces were added as well.

I had her wear some soft warm tights and her tennis shoes.

Then we put her hair up in a bun and sprinkled baby powder on her hair and then hair sprayed it to help it stay.

(I had to tell her not to smile for some of the pics and she was having a hard time NOT smiling. These facial expressions were the outcome. haha)

And the last thing we added was a little cane that my husband made real quick out of a broom handle. It all turned out perfect and was so fun to see come together.

So, there you go! Ready for school at 100 years old! 


E-Z appetite said...

Things like that help children to have good memories of learning. She looks absolutely adorable. Good job mom and dad.

caresumeworld.com said...

this is such an amazing activity to come up with, for the kids. i am sure this way things stay interesting to them and they want to attend the school all the more

JVA said...

I know you aren't intending any harm by posting this but this “dress like a 100 year old” trend reinforces negative stereotypes of older adults is harmful to kids and elders and society. I don’t blame you – the activity and this post are just a reflection of the overall negative view of aging in our society. But we have to start changing this and exposing kids to the gifts that come with aging. How about something that honors older people – like “meet a 100 year old day?