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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Childrens Books and Crafts Round Up; Goodnight Moon and DIY Children's Moon Nightlight

I'm excited to share today's post with you today. I love reading and want to instill that in my kids, so today I am sharing a favorite Children's book of ours for our littles and a craft to go along with it.  AND my little post is just part of 50+!!! posts on the same thing. Lots of lots of great books and crafts are being shared this week. I gotta say, I'm so happy that I was invited and signed up to be part of this big round up months ago, With everything being "out of whack" in my life recently, this has been great to still do with my kids. Read It, Make it Book + Craft over at Emma Owls here

AND it's perfect timing, with the summer months coming up! These will be great little afternoon time  filling helpers!

I honestly had a hard time choosing what book to do a craft on, so we've actually done a few lately. I posted one we have done in the past here with the book: There's a Monster at the end of this Book. It's still a favorite book of my kids and one I remember as a kid too!

But today, I chose a "classic" Goodnight Moon. It's one of those books that you read to your kids when they are really young, but that my 16 year old can still remember the words to! I love that! I love this book! It's so simple and yet the kids just love it!

And for the craft, I thought, what better than to make a fun little moon themed night light that the kids can take to bed after reading the book before bed?! 

So here you go! 
An Easy Peasy and Child Made DIY Moon Nightlight 

Materials you'll need:
Little glass jar with lid ( Lots of choices here...I used an old jam jar I had kept on hand.)
Blue and yellow (and optional purple) tissue paper
Modge Podge or watered down Elmers glue
Battery powered tealight candle or glowsticks

 Easy Peasy Instructions:
1. Cut your blue tissue paper into 3/4-1 inch sized squares. (I like having two shades of blue for this.)

2. Cut your yellow tissue paper into the shape of a moon. (Or optional, you can skip the yellow and just leave the glass jar visible in the shape of a moon.)

3. Spread glue over your jar.

4. Apply the tissue paper squares onto the jar and smooth out. Then add one more layer over the top of all of them.

5. Allow to dry.

6. Add your candle/glowstick inside the jar and close.
(Optional, you can decorate the lid as well if you want. It threw a ribbon around the top as well. My kids loved how the color changed with different colored glowsticks in the jar.)

That's it! Perfect for the little ones to set besides their bed as you say goodnight to them!

Want to know some more of our favorite children's books?

The Big Hungry Bear
Going on a Bear Hunt
All of the "Bear Wants More" books
Skippy John Jones
The Duckling Gets a Cookie
Amelia Bedelia Books
All of Laura Numeroff's "If you give a...(Moose a muffin, Mouse a Cookie..." books
Another favorite children's book, that ALL of my five kiddos has loved is the book "Why Can't I Fly?" by  (Seen here in Goodreads) It's not always easy to read and is an old book, but they just laugh and giggle in it. In fact, I recently took it to storytime to share in our little preschool that my daughter attends and LOVED all the laughs and giggles I heard from all the kids. Jack Kent is a favorite children's author of mine from my own childhood. We also love Socks for Supper and other books of his.

I could go on and on. I'll just have to try and post more of our fun with our books!

Hope you've enjoyed learning about some of our favorites. Make sure you go on over to Emma Owl's blog and see all of the great 50+ other books and crafts that are linked up there too!

Happy Reading!


Emma Owl said...

This is such a wonderful craft idea! Something both my children would really enjoy!!

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That's such a cool idea.

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This is such a wonderful craft idea! Something both my children would really enjoy!!