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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Papercrafting Fun and Blog Hop with Cardmaker

I'm so excited to be part of a fun Halloween Blog Hop with CardMakers blog and Glue Dots today! 

With Halloween just around the corner, you can find all kinds of fun cards and papercrafting on this blog hop! AND there's even a giveaway you can enter on GlueDots blog too! 

BUT, before you start checking them all out...I want to share with you the fun I had papercrafting and dressing up this little treat to give away. It was so easy and fun and fast too!

Have you seen the fun ways people dress up cupcakes? That's what got me started on this project, but then I adapted it to work not only with cupcakes, but with cookies, or mini donuts too! So fun and you can change it up!

Here's what you'll need:

small clear plastic punch cups
Ribbon, string, or twine
Decorative Tape
Orange, green and white cardstock
Printable Halloween tag
Cupcake Liner or wrap
Donuts, cookies, or cupcake
(Optional: spider ring)

Circle Punch
Whole punch
Craft Glue Dots®

It's super easy. 
1. Take your cupcake liner or wrap and place inside one of your plastic cups. I used some Craft glue dots to hold it in place as well. 

2. Punch holes in the sides of each cup.

3. Fill up the cup with a treat of your choice. 
Cupcakes (you can even add a festive spider ring for easy fun!),

 cookies, or powdered mini donuts all work great. 
(You may need to fill up the top cup as well before placing it on top to fill all of your space.)

4. Put your top and bottom cups together and lace the sides together with your ribbon through the holes you punched.

5. Add some decoration with your decorative tape along the bottom.
6. Punch 5-6 circles with orange cardstock, fold in half, and then adhere together with your Craft Glue Dots.

7. Cut off the bottom of the circles, so that it will look more like a pumpkin and will sit flat on top of the cups.

8. Cut out a small green stem and vine and add to the top of the pumpkin with your Craft Glue Dots again.
9. Adhere pumpkin on top of treat cups. 

10. Add a festive little printed or stamped Halloween sentiment. 

That's all there is to it. These would even be easy to make in an assembly line for multiple little gifts this season! So fun and easy to make and you can even get the kids involved by having them help make them too!

NOW...you are here at Create it.Go! BUT, you've got to still enter the giveaway at Glue Dots blog and check out all of the other fun papercrafting and card making there is going on, so check out all of these designers and their projects!

Start here:
The giveaway will run for a week, so don't forget to go enter! Happy Papercrafting!

This project was completed while I was a member of the Glue Dots Creative Maker Team.


Brooke said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing and thanks for being a part of the hop!

Tammy Santana said...

This is such a cute idea!!!

My Kraft Kloset - Kim Klinkovsky said...

Super fun and spooktacular ideas! Love it!

McStamper said...

What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda_Tee said...

This is such a fantastic idea! And oh so cute too. Just the perfect touch for a treat! Love it!

Janet Trieschman said...

such a tasty idea! :-)

Dawn Barrett said...


Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

These would make cute teacher's gifts, too!

Barbara H said...

Great idea and hope to try making one.

Donna said...

Now this is just so fun and now I want a cupcake! Cupcake please!

Mary Holshouser said...

Now you're made me crave cookies.
Guess I'll go forage in the kitchen
and see what is available.
Love your idea for presenting
the cookies and the cupcakes.
thanks for sharing.

Sue LD said...

Very clever idea. I like the pumpkin.

adaline said...

Innovation is the way.

gia said...

Those are really cute.