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Monday, October 10, 2016

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas; DIY Bubble Gum Machine Pumpkin

 Do your kids have pumpkin decorating contests at their school? Ours do in a few grades. My daughter made a minion a couple years ago. And this year my first grader brought home a pumpkin from her field trip to the pumpkin patch and got to decorate it (without any carving). She had all kinds of ideas and even drew them all out, but this is the one she chose. 

I love that it was easy enough that she could do almost all of it herself!
She was so proud and LOVES it!

Here's how we made it. We actually already had everything we needed at home to make it too! Super simple!

1. Get a flower pot and turn it upside down. Paint it red.

2. Grab a canning jar lid and paint it red too.

3. Cut out colorful 1 inch circles from vinyl, duct tape, paper, whatever you have and stick all over the pumpkin.

4. Cut a few pieces to add the to bottom of the bubble gum machine. We added a wing nut and a quarter too! So fun!

5. Hot glue the canning jar on the top and place your pumpkin on top of your upside down pot and there you have it!

So fun and colorful and you almost can't even tell that it is a pumpkin! Ha!

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Happy fall and pumpkin decorating! 


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