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This blog:
This blog is meant to be "a kaleidoscope of ideas". My head is always swirling constantly with one idea to another...in between everything else in my daily life. :) So, I will share my custom creations on here, my shop and items for sale, where I find my inspiration, repurposed items I love, some of my daily life here and there, some of your creations that you want to share, and more. I hope that you enjoy the journey with me here at Create it. Go!

A bit about me:
I am a stay-at-home mom of five kids. I have a wonderful supportive husband that even helps me from time to time with my crafts. :) We love our family and love spending time together. We also love bedtime. haha I love crafting and creating and would love to be even more self sufficient with the power tools, so that I don't rely on my husband so much for that part of it. I dream of...chocolate, uninterrupted sleep, creating!, no meals to prepare, vacations. :)

Some random facts I had to recently list about me:

{Random Facts About Me:}

1. I once graduated from clown school. :) True! hee hee
2. I love fried pickles!
3. I love barns and want to have some property and have a barn on it someday.
4. I love animals, but I have to say I loved them even more before I had kids. Now, unfortunately, the reality is that they mean more time I don't have.
5. I like to read, but when I start a good book, I can't stop.
6. I really don't like to shop much.
7. I am a photographer wanna-be. lol
8. I have had 5 c-sections. And the spinal didnt quite work on the 4th. Eek! (NOT fun!)
9. I love being in the mountains or at the ocean. (Yep, quite a difference, but both are majestic.)
10. My first child weighed 11 lb 11 oz! 
11. Trying to come up with these, made me feel boring trying to think about myself. lol
12. I love the smell of sawdust, scotch tape, and new bouncy balls. (Weird, I know!)
13. I am a carbaholic.


Anonymous said...

Just got my vinyl & needing a few instructions... finally got a warm enough day I think to put it on - its the "hello" door vinyl.... thanks!

rpp said...

Sorry-was out of town last week and am now just getting to this. The instructions are under the "How to" tab at the top of the site. Hope it goes well! :)

Or...here's the link: